The Algarve Property Market Report

June 2015

The only publicly available, independent market-driven intelligence on Algarve property market.

Unique market research reporting on:
  • Confidence levels
  • The state of the market
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Market trends

Our independent analysis draws out strategic highlights and key conclusions from the research which are formulated into our Executive Summary, designed to inform and engage with the many stakeholders in this market and stimulate positive interest in the Algarve region.

It is circulated to key stakeholders in the industry including the Portuguese tourism authority, government, financial institutions, asset owners and managers, professional bodies, consulates, lawyers and is presented at major international conferences and summits.

The ILM 10-10-10 survey has been undertaken on a number of occasions in recent years at critical 'market life' stages. ILM seek to research key market performance indicators and confidence and provide intelligence and market understanding based upon 10 key criteria, interviewing 10 Algarve leading real estate developers and 10 agents.

Visit the Survey Results page to download full Executive Summary report

June 2015 Results

Key conclusions:
  • The Algarve market has reached its strongest demand level for almost a decade. Market confidence has been increasing steadily through 2014 into 2015, indeed gaining momentum.
  • Sales volumes are continuing to increase with the revival strongest at the mid-top end of the market.
  • The Non Habitual Residents Tax Regime has had a significant positive impact on the Algarve market, in contrast to the Golden Visa.

Andrew Coutts, CEO, ILM-Group:
Ian Rostron, Director, Property Lynx: